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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pslams for the Grieving Heart

Three years ago today, a dear, sweet MOMYS lost her precious little one, Emily.  I remember when it happened.  I had just gotten into the large family message board "circuit," if you will, and immediately was hearing about Amy and Emily.  I was pregnant with my Sean, and remember crying for days.  As I got to know Amy via the boards, and now her blog and Facebook, I realized what a sweet soul she is, and imagine what a sweet soul Emily was.  I look forward to meeting her in Heaven.

Today is the third anniversary of Emily's death.  God called Amy to write this beautiful 30-day devotional for grieving families called Pslams for the Grieving Heart, and now, she's giving it away for free.  You can download it at her blog, Raising Arrows.  Amy is an incredibly gifted writer, and I encourage any who are grieving in this season of their lives, to take this offer.

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