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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Homekeeper's Journal--2/10/11

In My Kitchen this week ………  We're going to be growing herbs!  Just as soon as I figure out how!!  LOL  The kid's Botany textbook from Apologia came in yesterday, and one of the projects is to grow herbs to make soap with.  We'll be getting some pots, peat moss, ect. this weekend to start.  I'm thinking Lavender, but does anyone else have any ideas of what herbs go well in soap?

Foremost in my thoughts this week ……..  School.  With ordering all of our books and getting them all in, self-doubts are always right around the corner.  Is this what will work?  Or did I just blow a BUNCH of money for nothing?  ((sigh))

I’ve been so busy with ……..  Learning to scrapbook!  We're beginning to scrapbook to learn in our school, and it always helps if Mommy knows what she's doing.  Which I don't.  So I'm learning to scrapbook to learn... it's a never ending cycle. ;-)

Could someone please ……..  put a Starbucks in Ellsworth?  I could really use one.

I’ve been wanting to do this for so long ……..  Take the kids to Disney.  I'm wondering if Patrick would be willing to try to hit the Ultimate Homeschool Field Trip this year? 

If I manage things just right ……..  I might make it to the end of the week without losing my mind!  ;-)  But probably not. 

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