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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Obedience Lapbooks

I'm not sure how it happened, but I forgot to post our Obedience Lapbook!!  We got ours for free at Homeschool Share, and we used the resources at The Character Journal to fill it out.  This one was pretty intensive, it took quite a while.  

Big thing we learned:  We obey Immediately, Completely, and Cheerfully, otherwise it's not obedience.  (In other words, you can do what you're told, but if it's not cheerfully, it's not obedience.  Or you can do something cheerfully, and quickly, but if it's not completely done, it's not obedience.)

There was tons of writing-- copywork for different verses, we learned the Keys to Obedience, lots of definitions, things like that, even finding hymns about obedience.  If I do this one again, I won't use every resource, I'll pick and choose.  It was a lot for our kids.

These are our Ten Tests of Obedience.  There wasn't enough room here for the kids to write, but older kids would do just fine on them.  

More copywork.  Told you there was a lot!  LOL  

This was a great lapbook, and it did teach the kids a lot.  But I would definitely pick and choose what you need for your family, rather than trying to do it all like we did. ;)

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