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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Glue Right Award

OK, this next award isn't technically a Busy Bee, it's a Sunbeam award (which is Grade 2).  But, it was so insanely easy, I let the kids go ahead and do it anyway.  Here's our Glue Right Award lapbooks!

I wrote Glue Right in marker, and the kids traced over it in glue, then put the glitter on.  We might've not let them dry all the way... sorry about that.

OK, this award is a bit on the easy side.  You can see the requirements here.  Each of the lines (1-6) they had to demonstrate control of the glue, for a thin line, thick line, and dashed lines.  The line with the starts is the line Katie thought she did best.  Then, they had to fill a circle with glue, without going outside of the lines, glue a magazine picture, make a design with sequins, and put glue on lines (the star), and use glitter on those.  So, that's what this page shows.  

The final page is showing the craft they did (gluing buttons on a box, to make a button holder), and the Bible Verse that went with this Award (Proverbs 18:24).  

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