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Friday, April 9, 2010

Christian Homekeeper Blog

So, scrolling through the new posts at A Virtuous Woman, I found a link to a giveaway.  Since I am quickly becoming a giveaway junkie (I'll just HAVE to have a really good one here, soon!), I of course headed over...

And found the SWEETEST blog for Christian Homekeepers!!  I just love blogs like this.  I am SO very much not domestically inclined, so I  really need this sort of encouragement.

They're having a 5 Weeks to a Clean and Organized Home event going on, and stuff like that is another thing I just LOVE.  They've already pretty much finished Week 1, but I'm jumping in now, and you'll be able to see as the kids and I scramble to catch up.  I'll make sure to post all of our pics and things here!

I just found this blog today, but I can't WAIT to grab a cup of coffee and dive in.  I hope you enjoy it, too!

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