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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Butterfly Award

This is our Butterfly Award Lapbook!  I didn't make this one up on my own, I found it at Homeschool Share. 

This is the cover, isn't it pretty???  Used a ton of ink, though...

The kids have studied Butterflies before, but they still learned a few things!  Here are some of the books we filled out.

More things we learned...

And this is our Butterfly Craft, a colorful butterfly made of torn origami paper.  (I couldn't find tissue paper at the store I was shopping at...)

The kids are going to be using these lapbooks next week.  They'll be giving a presentation for the students at Big Horn Christian School for their Spring Week of Prayer.  They'll be showing the students how butterflies can show us about God's love, and being reborn in Christ.  

These Adventurer Awards are a wonderful way to incorporate Nature Studies into your homeschool, if you're like me, and don't have a natural bone in your body.  I seriously won't even sit outside at restaurants, because of the bugs and lack of AC.  But this way, I know the kids are learning something about God's wonderful world!

Another awesome free lapbook!  You can find it here!

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