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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Organization Binders, Part 3...

OK, last section of our Binders.  This is our Bible Study section, and it's honestly the simplest. 

It's one page, our Memory Verse page.  In theory, they're learning a verse a week.  This is a front and back sheet, too, and there's actually room for 52 verses, although I only used 35.  I give them the verse they're supposed to learn (it's already written for them, I made it out at the beginning of the year, thanks to some friends at The Homeschool Lounge), and it's their responsibility to learn them and recite them on Friday.  I do put them up on the whiteboard in our kitchen, too, so they can study it all day.

Well, those are our binders!!  Hope y'all enjoyed them! ♥

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