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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Organization Binders, Part 2...

OK, part 2, the School section.  This is pretty easy, but, again, my camera and flash hate me, so sorry if there's glare. 

First up, her weekly assignment sheet.  It has her name at the top, the week it is (this one is from September), and each of her subjects down the left side.  (This is actually 2 pages, I put them back to back in one page protector.)  Across the top are the days of the weeks, then the assignments are just filled in the boxes.  Again, I didn't make this, I think I got it fromA Virtuous Woman.  There's a bunch of free downloads there, it's an awesome site. 

Next, I got five page protectors, and put tabs on them, labeling them for the days of the week.  Each week, I print of the worksheets (usually on Sunday night), and put whatever they have for Monday in Monday's pocket, then Tuesday, ect.  When they're done, they go right back in the pockets.  Saves on the paper mess everywhere, and it lets them know exactly what they have to do for the week.

Again, sorry for the glare and for the wrinkles in the page protectors.    I'm actually about to redo this section, using the same basic idea, but I'm going to get the super heavy duty page protectors.  They work better. 

OK, last thing in this section is the reading list.  Basically, it lists the Book Title, Author, and the Date Read (or finished).

And that's it for school!

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  1. hey! thanks for sharing the link to your site on CHS'er. It is close to what I was looking for!