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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Introduction of Us

Well, here we are at the start of another year. :) I love the start of school years. Some people make resolutions in January, I always have closer to September. I suppose it's because when I was growing up, I changed schools every year, due to my father's job. So, every year, I got the chance to make a new start. And it just feels like the start of a new year, every year.

OK, so that's a bit about me. Here's an introduction to my family:

I have been married to the best husband in the world for nine years. We have a wonderful marriage, and it gets better the more we learn about each other and closer to the Lord. He is leading our family wonderfully, and is possibly the best father I know. I have been so blessed by the Lord in him.

Our oldest daughter is Katie, and she's 8. She is quite the little princess, who is getting to be not so little anymore! She loves horses, and anything that sparkles. She's very outgoing, friendly, and has never met a stranger. Here's a picture of the Bigger Little Princess:

Our next is Danny. He's 6 1/2, and anxiously awaiting his next birthday. (7 is a big deal in our family... summer camp, lots of things.) He loves building with his Lincoln Logs, and reading his Bible. He's more reserved and shy, but once he opens up to you, your friends for life!!

Sean is our toddler, at 2. He's 110% BOY!! Rough and tumble, and into EVERYTHING. He definately keeps us on our toes!

And our newest additions are Caeleigh and Delaeney, botn July 25, 2009! We're still getting to know them a bit, but they're a couple of the sweetest newborns you'll ever meet!

***Sorry for the not-so-great pictures, I'm down to my camera phone at the moment***

And I'm Kristi aka Mommy. Daddy says I keep it all together, but I'm not so sure about that. LOL We live in a small town in Wyoming, called Buffalo. About 5000, so the sign says, but that's probably the local ranchers, too. It's very rural out here, and we've only been here not quite a year after living in a large city (Indianapolis), so it takes some getting used to, but we're getting there! We're blessed to live in a pretty homeschool-friendly area.

We're devout Christians, and one of the main reasons we homeschool is to make sure the kids learn a love of the Lord before anything else. We like to incorporate Scripture and character learning into all of our school. This year, we're picking a theme: Fruits of the Spirit. (OK, I admit, not *strictly* my idea, I got it off of The Homeschool Lounge. ) I love the idea of a yearly theme, but couldn't figure out how to incorporate it. I'm working on that, though!

Anyway, that's us! Hope you enjoy hearing about our journey this year!

In His Love,


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