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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Moby Wrap Giveaway by The Modest Mom!!

Hey everyone! I know it's been a while, my computer's been acting SUPER FUNKY lately. But I found a new giveaway I just KNOW you'll all want to know about.

The Modest Mom is giving away a Moby Wrap!! I love love LOVE my Moby, but I want at least one more. When I was pregnant with the twins, I heard that wearing 2 Mobys at once was THE way to wear them. Unfortunately, I didn't have any when they were young. I got mine when they were about 11 months, and then I got too big with this pregnancy to wear them. Still, while I could, it was AWESOME. The girls loved it! I can't wait for this little one to show up, so I can bring it back out and practice wearing a little tiny one!!!

Make sure you head over to The Modest Mom and enter her Moby Wrap Giveaway!!