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Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's a New School Year!!!

I love it!  Admit it, you do too...  This time of year is almost like Christmas!  Yesterday, we had to run out for a bit, and when we came home, there was yet another box on our front porch... GOTTA LOVE THAT!  (This one was the books we'll be reading this quarter.  The kids are SO excited!)  
  Since we're starting a new year, I thought y'all might like to know what we're using.  So, here goes: 

Our core will be Tapestry of Grace.  We'll use this for Literature, History, Civics, Reading, Worldview, Geography, arts... tons of stuff.  I've wanted to use this for a VERY long time, and I'm SO excited to finally be able to!  We'll be using TOG's  Writing Aids to help teach them writing.  Writing is one of those things that comes pretty easy and naturally to me, but it's VERY hard for me to teach, just because it does come so naturally. 

For Math, we're going with Teaching Textbooks.  We got it last week, and the kids wanted to start right away.    The first lessons are sort of review, and they've been zooming through those!  They seem to be really enjoying them.  

For grammar, we'll be finishing up Primary Language Lessons.  It's gentle and the kids seem to enjoy it, instead of dreading doing their grammar.

Science will be Apologia's Exploring Creation with Astronomy this year.  Again.  We never seem to finish it.  BUT...we're GOING TO this year, so help me!  And then we'll be moving on to Exploring Creation with Botany, hopefully around January.  The kids really learn a LOT with this series, and they retain it.  I was surprised as we started up again how much they remembered from this time last year. 
It also gives a very uniquely Christian worldview, without sacrificing an science.  The Astronomy book, for example, explain how God created the solar system, making it just perfect for us!  Then it goes on to explain how it's perfect... the gravitational forces, how the different planets work together, ect. 
I highly recommend this series!!

To finish up, we're using McGuffey's Eclectic Spelling Book for spelling, and Spencerian Penmanship for handwriting for both Katie and Danny.  I will say the kids aren't really thrilled about their penmanship... they don't like practicing so much.  But, coming from someone who's handwriting is SO bad, I'm big on them having nice handwriting, and I love how much they practice.  And I think it's getting pretty good, too!  

Patrick and I are going back and forth on foreign language.  They're either going to be starting Latin, with Prima Latina,  or Latin American Spanish with Rosetta Stone Homeschool.  If I had to guess, I'd say it'll probably be Prima Latina, just because of the price difference.   

So, I think we have just about everything!  We're ordering our TOG one unit at a time, so we'll have to keep ordering that, as we come to the end of the quarters.  But, that's OK.  It's a big investment to put out all at one time.  The only other thing I would REALLY like is a copy of the Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary, to help with their spelling.  Anyone can feel free to donate one for us!  ;)  LOL  In the meantime, I'll be searching diligently at the used book store...  

I hope everyone has a wonderful new school year!!