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Monday, March 1, 2010

Teeth Lapbook and Experiment

Every month, I've been convicted that we need to study more about health and the wonderful way God created us!  Last month was Dental Month (or something to that effect) nation wide, so it was the perfect time to study teeth!!!

We had lapbooks, provided free by Lapbook Lessons!

We watched a movie, and learned all about plaque and such, provided by Colgate's Bright Smiles, Bright Futures Program!  (TONS of free downloads, printables, and generally cool stuff-- including a movie!)

We did an AWESOME science experiment that we found on the Crest site, which shows the effects of soda and acids on our teeth!  (The kids loved it!)  I tried to remember to get pictures of it all, but I know I missed some steps.  Sorry.  Also, I sort of combined the Crest experiment with the one on Colgate.


What you need
2 eggs
Floride toothpaste
A can of cola
Plain vinegar

First, you're supposed to coat half of each egg with the floride toothpaste, and let it sit overnight.  We found that it didn't matter much in the end.  ((shrug))  Sorta makes you wonder about all that toothpaste...

Anyway, after the eggs have a chance to sit in the floride toothpaste for a while, you wipe the toothpaste off, and put one egg in vinegar, and one in cola.  Make sure they're covered!!




When they submerge, you'll see the reaction begin!  It's especially easy to see in the vinegar.  Here's sort of what it looks like from the top:

OK, now, you let that set for quite a while.  We started the experiment first thing in the morning, and ended it right before bed.

Now, here's where I forgot pictures.  ((blush)) Sorry.

The kids thought the cola would be worse than the vinegar.  What actually happened was:

Well, you'll just have to do the experiment and find out for yourself!!!  



  1. You may like this:

    I have decided to check out the rumors what going around in the past few years, and will conduct the experiment myself.
    I have put my son's milk tooth in a glass of cola and made a picture* of it every day for about 2 weeks, then once a few days.
    Time by time I have washed it with toothpaste and toothbrush, then replaced the cola with fresh one.
    For the experiment I use Coca Cola, because that is the most popular cola.
    The result can be seen at :