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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nutrition Lapbooks

So, we've started new lapbooks!!  (Imagine that...)  We're working through Nutrition Lapbooks at the moment.  These, I paid for, but it's all good, because they were worth it!  I got them from In The Hands of a Child for $16.00.  (Pricey, IMHO, for an ebook, but it was a treat!)  

As you can see below, the lapbook covers a lot.   Everything is covered, from the Food Pyramid (which, by the way, has changed since I was a kid...) to tracking your food in a Journal, reading labels (really important to us, as a family with sensitivities) to the digestive system, exercise, food poisoning, bacteria (good and bad), even organics!  It's pretty neat, there's a lot I would forget, if I didn't have this to go by.

The Project Pack (what ITHOAC calls their products) comes with a 14-page resource guide, and 20 activities.  The kids are having a lot of fun with it!

Even though the project pack isn't in color, and my kids do prefer colored products (ITHOAC is intentional in this, though.  You're supposed to print them out on colored paper, but my kids get too distracted by that), overall, I'd recommend this.  We're enjoying learning about food (and overhauling our diet in the process!), what our body's needs are, and how everything works together.  The one thing I could see being a problem, is that instead of a "protein" food group, there's a "meat" food group.  Not a problem for most people, but if you're vegetarian, and your son happens to be extremely detail-oriented, it might take some more explanation. ;)

It is a bit on the pricey, side, it seems that ITHOAC products are, from looking at their site.  But their products are very well put together, lots  of information and activities, so I won't have a problem buying from them once in a while.  But they will remain just treats. 

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