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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dependability Lapbooks

Yep, yet another lapbook!!

My beloved likes for the kids to do something during Family Worship.  Our kids are active, to say the least, so having them involved, physically, really helps them retain what we're trying to teach them.  We've already done Obedience (I'll have to blog about that later, they're put away at the moment), and now we're onto Dependability or Faithfulness.  (By the way, I get these lapbooks at Homeschool Share, all of their Character Training lapbooks are on one page, which is kind of nice.  Oh, and they're free... double nice!!)

Each booklet has either something to do with Dependability, is a copywork exercise, or shows examples of Dependability.  In this one, the kids write a definition. 

This is one of the copywork pages.  They don't tell you what to copy, it's pretty much up to you on this one.  (On the Obedience lapbook, they had verses to copy.)  

Right/Wrong game:  Basically, there are just sentence strips that you cut out, and put them in the right or wrong pile.  Pretty easy, but for kids like mine, the practice reinforces the ideas.

We'll learn the Parable of the Three Servants, and their Talents...

And there are verses to learn.  You can choose KJV or NIV.  We chose NIV, I think, for this one.  

We meet dependable people in the Bible... Lydia, Timothy, and Ruth.

Overall, this lapbook isn't very big.  The Obedience one is bigger.  But, I think lapbooks are just awesome for Family Worship.  You can take the theme, and stretch it out as long as you need to.  It also appeals to all of the "learning styles."  We have the kids look up the stories and verses, and we find hymns to go with our theme.  Then we read, talk about, and fill in the lapbooks.  Everybody wins!!

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