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Monday, June 7, 2010

Future Christian Homemakers

I've been meaning to do this for quite a while, but yesterday... we actually got started!!  (That's half the battle, isn't it?? LOL)  I'm taking the kids through the Future Christian Homemakers lessons.  For those of you who don't know what FCH is, it's designed to be a group of young ladies, around 9-14, who get together a couple of times a month and do a lesson on homemaking.  It's designed to help young, Christian ladies prepare to become keepers at home.  You can buy the handbook for about $30, which isn't, honestly, a bad idea, or download it for free here.

Unfortunately, there's not enough like minded people around here to start a group.  At least, not ones that I know, and are of the right age.  SO...  We're doing it ourselves.  It's not designed for boys, but I'm taking Danny through it anyway.  I truly believe that our boys need basic homemaking skills just as our girls do.  God doesn't call everyone to marriage, and, at some point, he might need to know how to mend a shirt, sew a button, or cook a decent meal, not to mention laundry and cleaning.  To assume that we know God's plan for our children, well, that's just not wise, IMO.

Ok, moving on...

Yesterday, we started our first lesson.  The first lesson consists of basic kitchen safety and food prep (wear and apron, but keep the strings away, keep hair tied back, wash your hands, ect.), and over the incredible, edible egg!!  We made French toast and scrambled eggs (Mommy had bacon, too, but none of the kids wanted any), and we talked about safe egg handling, how to crack eggs and whisk them, menu planning with eggs, and how to store eggs in the fridge. Here are pictures of their final products:

I'll be taking them over some other recipes this week, as well.  For instance, we're having egg salad for lunch (learning how to hard boil eggs), and we'll make meringue cookies or nests at some point, learning how to separate eggs, and how to make meringue (it's an art form, I'll tell ya!  And one I haven't yet totally mastered... {{blush}}).  We'll keep you updated as to how we do!

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