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Sunday, June 13, 2010

FCH Lesson 1 Part 2...

Some friends of ours wanted to join us in our FCH lessons, so we decided to do a part 2, so they could get something of Lesson 1 in too.  ;)  Instead of French Toast and Scrambled Eggs, though, we decided to get adventurous!!  We made Chocolate Chip Meringue Nests with berries and chocolate syrup.  They were SOOO good (and so messy, which the kids loved)!!  (Note:  I linked the recipe above, but we didn't make the chocolate sauce to go with it, we just used regular old chocolate syrup. ;))  Here's pics of the kids having WAY too much fun, way too late at night...

The boys, learning how to make stiff peaks 

The girls, forming their nests

Filling and garnishing the nests after they were baked.

Danny enjoying his nest.  

The finished products!!!  (We need to work on the concept of drizzling chocolate syrup lightly, not dumping the whole bottle on top...)

The day before this, we also made Egg Salad sandwiches, and learned how to hard boil eggs and peel them properly, so we don't get tons of shells. ;)  These are their finished products for those, and they really enjoyed that part!!

Hope you're enjoying reading about this as much as we are enjoying going through it! 

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  1. Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves immensely!! Just this morning my girls and I worked on making a roast together. One of my goals for the summer is to help them become more comfortable in the kitchen.