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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Modest Mom Giveaway: Mystery of History!

I am PICKY about the history my kids learn.  #1, it has to be ACCURATE.  There's no reason to skew the facts, to either side (commonly referred to as conservative or liberal).  History should be taught in whole, with all of it's ugliness and all of it's lessons learned.  Otherwise, we won't learn at all!

#2, the curriculum we use MUST MUST MUST be taught through a Biblical worldview.  I LOVE the way that Robin Sampson puts it in The Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach:

History is the workshop of God.  History is significant because it is the story of people, how they came into being, and what they did.

The history curriculum we use must show how history is the story of how man fell, what sin has done to our world, and how God has worked to restore us to Him.

OK, all of that said, I hear Mystery of History is an EXCELLENT resource for all of this.  I have not had a chance to preview it, but I've been dying to!

Enter: The Modest Mom and her AWESOME giveaways!!  Right now, through August 30, you'll be able to enter to win either Volume 1, Creation to the Resurrection, or Volume 2, The Early Church and the Middle Ages, of Mystery of History on audio!  (This is awesome to us.  Living rurally, we drive, a LOT, so I love having good sermons and books on audio for the kids to listen to on the long drives.)    These sets are normally $42.95, so this is (yet again) an awesome deal!!

Make sure you check out The Modest Mom and join the giveaway!  You can use any of my links, or there's a button on my sidebar.  Enjoy!!

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